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Shanks Service Plan

Our Service Program will keep your HVAC System running great year round

We will perform the proper maintenance on your homes HVAC System well before the start each season – to ensure that you are ready for the heat of the summer and the cold days of winter. We have different maintenance agreements that you can subscribe to. Call us at Shanks Heating and Cooling and get signed up for our Club Membership Program!

Members of Our Service Plan receive the following:

Exclusive Perks

When you join our Service Plan, you don’t only receive the benefits of regular maintenance, but you also receive exclusive perks. One of the major perks is that members get to save money on any repairs they need. All members receive a 15 percent discount on repairs. Members also get exclusive rewards, such as priority service. The result is year-round peace of mind, a well-maintained household HVAC system, and of course, total comfort.

To find out more about our Service Plan, contact our experienced HVAC technicians today at (816) 258-2056!