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AC Maintenance

Air Conditioner Servicing

Is Your A/C Running at its Highest Capacity?

Most people don’t think about their Air Conditioner until it’s too late. Usually to late, is a breakdown on the hottest day of the year and all the people you call are not able to fix your unit until next week, at the soonest! Set it on Auto Pilot and let it run till the next season is what most folks do. This machine is a workhorse! It needs to be given a little TLC from time to time.

Shanks Heating and Cooling has a series of maintenance agreements that are taylor made for all sorts of budgets. A Shanks Club Membership will keep you safe and sound on the hottest day of the year and if you have an unexpected breakdown we will place you at the front of the line. A simple call to us at: (816-258-2056) will get you on the right path – ask about our Club Membership!

call us today for help (816-258-2056) - Ask about our Shanks Club Memberships

Do I need to Regularly Service My Air Conditioner?

Most people don’t know that most breakdowns could be avoided by simply cleaning your HVAC system, and lubricating the correct parts. Keeping your system free from dirt and dust is one of the most important features of a healty HVAC System. Our team of professionals know exaclty which parts to maintain and how to get the most out of your HVAC System. Call us today for a tune up or sign up for one of our service plans and see why we are the best in the area at what we do!

Should I sign up for a Service Agreement or Just get a Tune up?

A Tune up is a great way to check out our company – to see why we have a 5 Star Rating with Customers in your area. We normally obtain repeat business and referrals from happy customers who like you got started with our company by choosing to get a Tune Up on their A/C before summer started or one in the Fall before the dead of winter. We run promotions from time to time to help customers financially so CALL TODAY and see what we can do for you!

To see if you qualify for any summer promotions call us at (816-258-2056) We will get your A/C Unit up and running!