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Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Improve the Air You Breathe

We are experts in the indoor air quality arena. We are proud partners of the COPD Foundation, the National Air Foundation Association and a member of the ASHRAE. We take indoor air quality serious. Most companies only focus on heating and cooling the air, but we take it a step further – we condition the air. We are backed by over 35 years of experience and success in the industry. We have experience in both the residential and commercial areas. Our products are designed to support the proper air flow and help mitigate the sub-micron particles, biologicals and gas contaminates. We want to help your family breathe clean fresh air!

We will help your family breathe, clean fresh air inside your home. Call 816-258-2056 today for a FREE indoor air quality test and HVAC Inspection and see what we can do to help you!

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

We have the tools necessary to clean your HVAC System. We will come to your home and provide a complete camera inspection of your unit and show you what is hiding behind the walls and under your floors. It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to clean your ducts every 3-5 years. If you haven’t had this done – don’t wait call and get this service scheduled today!

Air Cleaners and Purification Systems

We have 4 separate packages to choose from that will clean the air in your home. From stage one which is a polarized media Air Cleaner to Hospital Grade Air with a Hepa filter. It is up to you as to what level of protection you and your family needs. Our experts are here to help you make that decision and get your clean air system professionally installed.

HRV and ERV Systems

We can install Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilators (ERV) to help exchange the stale air inside of your home with clean fresh air. We spend upwards of 90% of our time inside of our homes and other indoor spaces – like at an office setting or in a school. To help alleviate indoor air problems this could be a great solution for you and your family

Installation of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

The humidity inside of a home is very important. If you have moist or wet stains on your walls (many times this happens in a basement) or mold is present you may need a dehumidifier. Also if there are musky smells or your windows are covered in condensation, these items could be indicatiors of needing a dehumidifier. A Humidifier puts moisture back into your air – so if your homes air is too dry it could cause problems. If you have wood floors they can dry out and crack which would be an expensive fix. Also dry air can irritate respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis. Dry air can also cause nose bleeds. If you are needing any information on the installation of a humidifier or dehumidifier please contact our team today! please contact our team today!

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