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Your Ductwork is a Main Component of Your HVAC System Call (816)258-2056 for - Installation & Repair

Installation – for a new home or to refit a new unit in an existing home sometimes installation of new ductwork is required. Whether its a whole home new ductwork system or working with the existing ductwork we are trained to handle either situation. We understand that this is the pathway for your furnace to deliver clean warm and cool air from your furnace. There should not be any leaks or extra ductwork that would cost you more to run. Having the furnace and ductwork in the correct location is paramount in making sure your HVAC unit is efficient.
Cleaning – At Shanks Heating and Cooling we understand that clean ducts can support your health and the life of your unit. We have a camera system to show you your ducts and high powered vacuum to take out the dust and germs from your ductwork. Call today for a camera inspection and get those ducts cleaned!

Your ductwork is very important, an unsung hero, in your HVAC System! Call us today for ductwork service (816) 258-2056!

Some Ductwork Problems You May Encounter:

Contact us today at (816) 258-2056 for any ductwork issues you may have