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Heat for the Cold Winter Months

At Shanks Heating and Cooling, we never .want to see anyone left with no service out in the cold. When temperatures are sub zero and you have small children in the home it can be dangerous. We work tirelessly in the winter months to ensure that our customers are taken Care of. Don’t get caught without heat, make sure to use our maintenance program to your advantage and get your system working properly before winter starts

If you have never used us call 816-258-2056 and we will make sure you get taken care of!

Heating Season - Keep the Home Fire Burning with Shanks Heating and Cooling

In the winter months, we need our furnace to take care of business. Usually at the most inopportune times, the furnace decides to give out. This can happen when we need it the most, and can be very costly. By taking time out and setting some time for maintenance of the furnace you can knock these unexpected issues out of the way.
Shanks Heating and Cooling has a scheduled maintenance program that can alleviate your furnace problems. It doesn’t matter what type of furnace your home has – Trane, Daikin, Carrier – maybe it’s one of those old boiler systems, we deal with all types of furnaces. Our experts are highly trained and skilled to take care of maintaining your system for peak performance! Give is a call today to sign up for our maintenance program.

Do I Replace or Repair my old system?

The heating system in your home is a major component of your home. This is a question that we get very often and is something that is not always easily answered. The very first thing we want to evaluate is the age of the unit. If your system is beyond the manufacturer’s average lifespan and you have already been putting money into repairs a replacement may be something to consider. A new unit that is up-to-date and energy efficient could help you save money on the monthly heating bill and cut the cost of that new unit. The second thing you may want to consider is the cost of the repair. If the cost of the repair exceeds half of the cost of a replacement, then a repair should be analyzed more closely and you should get an estimate to replace the unit if it is older and out of warranty. At Shanks Heating and Cooling we are ready and able to help you in whatever direction you decide to go. We promise to provide you with expert advice and whichever path you choose we will be with you every step of the way.

Call Today and Let Us Keep Your Furnace Up and Running

If you have any questions about our top notch maintenance programs or want to hear about the benefits of working with our experts give us a call and one of our team members will explain everything to you. We want you to be part of our happy family! You will see why we are one of the best and highly favored companies in the area.