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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

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Don’t wait until that old furnace quits on the coldest day of the year and your stuck with no heat wondering how much it will cost for repairs. If you even have this thought, don’t hesitate, call Shanks Heating and Cooling right now for a FREE Quote on a new Furnace. We are experts at installing new units and understand that each home and system may have different requirments. We will take the time to analyze and calculate exactly what your home needs and provide you with a FREE – YES I SAID FREE ESTIMATE. Make sure that you call us today and get your custom estimate on installing that new Furnace.

Call (816) 258-2056 for your FREE Quote on a New Furnace Today.

Why Should I Choose Shanks Heating and Cooling for a New Furnace Install?

Shanks Heating and Cooling has been in Business for over 10 Years in the North Kansas City Area. Our loyal customers appreciate our attention to detail. We have been there for them with a high level of Customer Satisfaction and will be there for you in the same capacity. Don’t take our word for it – read one of the thousands of reviews that we have from our Valued Customers. You will see why they call us when they need help

Top 5 Reasons that you May Need A New Furnace:

1. Furnace Malfunction – Constant Breakdowns or Repairs on a HVAC Unit can be very frustrating. If
the furnace won’t start up, or is constantly running but not heating up this is a major problem.
Don’t tackle this alone – Call Shanks Heating and Cooling for a Free Estimate on a New Furnace

2. Constant Noises – If you hear loud banging or squeeling coming from the furance that is not normal.
This could be the result of a defective gas valve or a dirty burner. Clanking sounds could mean that
you have bearings that are going out or a belt that is loose. We know the different sounds a
malfucntioning unit makes and we can help.

3. Various Temperatures Throughout the house – An older HVAC System usually has the ability to
keep one part of the home warm – usually where the thermostat is. Simply turning up the
termostat can be an expensive response to a cold area in your home. We have different options to
help this senario and can aleviate these issues with a professional home evaluation.

4. Discolored Pilot Light – Most people don’t know this but the flames in your furnace and the pilot
light should always be a bright blue color if you have natural gas or blueish green if you are using
propane. An orange, yellow, red flame is potentially dangerous. You should call a professional

5. An Older HVAC Unit – This unfortunately is one of the top reasons why homeowners call us. The
need deal help with an older unit that has broken down or isn’t performing to its utmost potential.
This could be costing you alot of money in high heating bills as well as the cost of repairs. Don’t let
an older unit hold you hostage with worries. Call Shanks Heating and Cooling for a FREE Quote
today. Did I mention we Finance…

What Warranties do I get with My New Furance Purchase?


This means that for the next 10 years the expense for parts on your new furance is covered. We help you by working with honest top quality companys that stand behind their products. We will do the leg work and ensure that you are not paying for parts during your warranty period.
This means that 1 Year from the date of installation of your new furance we stand behind our work. Our Technicains are highly trained and skilled professionals who care about the work they put forth.
This means if your are not fully satisfied with our work, let us know and we will fix it. We strive to be the best and your happiness is our #1 Priority.

Call our Furnace Replacement Professionals for help at (816) 258-2056 We will diagnose your problem and provide you with options for your new Custom HVAC System