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Heater Maintenance

Heater Maintenance

Keep the Heat Turned Up with Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning

Are you over the temperature outdoors matching the one indoors? We don’t blame you! Not only does an inefficient heater make your space uncomfortable, things can become unsafe if your entire heating system goes out. Way more than a simple inconvenience if you ask us!

But don’t worry – Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning is here to ensure your home remains reliable and comfortable even during the coldest months with professional heater maintenance from a team of HVAC experts. We’ll arrive in a yellow truck (instead of on a white horse) regularly to rescue you from uneven airflow, undesirable temperatures, and anything else making you freeze your socks off!

Why is Heater Maintenance Important?

Whether you own a home or manage a business, the heater in your space needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s going to work when you need it to – and work properly at that. Having your residential or commercial heater receive routine maintenance from a Shanks professional allows you to benefit from several things.

Equipment Protection and Extending the Life of Your Heater

We want to extend the life of your equipment. Routine heater maintenance can make that happen. The amount of regular, preventive maintenance will ultimately determine how long your home’s heater will last, so don’t delay calling our team and scheduling your next maintenance appointment – and the one after that.

Energy Savings and the Efficiency of Your Heater

Who doesn’t like saving a few bucks here and there – especially on utilities? With our help, we can make sure your system continues working at peak performance for the comfort of your home and wallet! Heating systems that have been well-maintained simply work more efficiently , lowering your operating costs down and saving you money every month.

Saves You on Repairs

Heater maintenance can help you save on repairs, performing them early on – while they’re still minor – before they evolve into major, more expensive issues. Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning ‘s Maintenance Service can also help you save even more by providing a discount on certain repairs and products to ensure you’re covered.

Ensure Top-Notch Air Quality

Your home’s air quality is essential. Not only for your home’s livability and overall comfort, but for your health. When dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne debris floats into your home, they end up getting trapped into your system and cycling through your home. Our maintenance service will ensure the filter is replaced and the system is cleaned out, leaving your indoor air quality better than we found it.

Overall Comfort, Safety and Peace of Mind

Heater maintenance isn’t just about the savings and quality air – even though we would agree that those are nice perks!

Heater maintenance is about your peace of mind. Peace of mind that your home’s heating system will remain comfortable, safe, and in good condition as temperatures begin to drop, no matter how low. With Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning, your system has the continued support it needs to stay reliable throughout the year, working the exact way it should and taking the stress out of HVAC.

Call our heater repair pros for help at (816) 258-2056 for help right now. Shanks Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to help you immediately.

The next time you’re dealing with AC issues, you can take these DIY measures immediately:
Sometimes, figuring out the cause of HVAC sounds can be tricky. We are always available to help you detect the underlying issue and deliver fast solutions.

Compressor Running Constantly (Short Cycling)

When a heater erratically turns on and off, it may be short cycling. Common causes for short cycling include:
  1. Heaters that are too powerful for your ductwork
  2. Unevenly distributed or obstructed vents
  3. An overheated thermostat
  4. A dirty air filter restricting airflow
  5. Condensate switch defects
  6. A corroded flame sensor

Failing to regularly maintain your heater will heighten the chances of short-cycling issues. That’s why it’s wise to invest in regular maintenance.

Poor Air Quality

Over time, air ducts will naturally collect dirt, allergens, contaminants, and micro-organisms. When your heater turns on, the air will blow these unhealthy particles throughout your home, causing respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma attacks. Just like the surfaces in your house that need to be regularly cleaned, ductwork requires frequent maintenance to remove the grime, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, insect droppings, and pet dander that accumulate over time.

Dirty Filters

Your heater’s air filter can significantly improve air quality: blocking airborne pollutants and contaminants before they can enter your heating system, air ducts, and home. We recommend replacing your air filter every one to three months. This will mitigate your exposure to irritants and allergens and make your heater more energy efficient.

Another pro tip is upgrading to a higher quality air filter that can trap smaller contaminants, resulting in healthier air. Top-quality filters are rated by MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). Consult with our HVAC specialists to see what air filters are compatible with your system.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Heaters that use natural gas, propane, or oil are vulnerable to carbon monoxide (CO) gas leaks. CO is colorless, odorless, and potentially deadly. Other symptoms of exposure to carbon monoxide include shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, nausea, mental confusion, vomiting, decreased muscle coordination, heart/brain damage, and loss of consciousness.

If you have a combustion heater, take this wise precaution: Have a professional install a carbon monoxide detector right away. A carbon monoxide detector will trigger an alert when toxic gases are present. Should this alarm sound, turn off the unit, ventilate your home, and call a professional immediately.

Inexplicable Cost Increase in Energy Bills

When your heating system has a defect, it may prove costly. High electricity bills can be caused by duct leaks, dirty filters, faulty thermostats, and numerous other deficiencies. The older a heater becomes, the more likely its efficiency has waned. If you notice your heater working overtime and your monthly utility bill constantly increasing (especially in winter), give us a call. We can save you money over time by installing a state-of-the-art unit, a heat pump, or a ductless system.

What Causes Your Heater to Stop Working Properly?

Countless issues can lead to heater malfunctions. Here are some frequent complications:
  1. A dirty blower can cause equipment failure. When insufficient air blows across a heat exchange, it can overheat and fail.
  2. Dirty air filters can restrict airflow and cause short cycling.
  3. A dirty flame sensor covered in gunk can turn off your heater by failing to sense the flame.
  4. Dirty burners can have trouble lighting.
  5. Wiring and electrical issues can cause breakdowns.

Should I Call a Heater Repair Technician or Try to Fix the Problem Myself?

For minor issues and simple maintenance tasks such as replacing an air filter, DIY solutions are viable. At the same time, many heater malfunctions require professional expertise. This is especially true when installing or repairing gas or oil heaters where a single error can cause dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. By choosing Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll get trained, insured, and experienced HVAC pros.

How Much Does a Heating Repair Cost?

Many factors alter heating repair costs. To get an estimate, we calculate:

Should I Repair or Replace My Heater?

You should seriously consider replacing your heater if:
  1. Your heat pump is over 10 years old
  2. Your boiler, furnace, or gas heater is over 15 years old
  3. Your unit is unevenly or inadequately heating your home
  4. Your system is outdated and incurring high energy bills
  5. You lack a programmable thermostat
  6. Your heater needs frequent repairs
  7. Your system is exacerbating humidity levels and poor indoor air quality

What Is the Average Life Span of a Heating System?

The average life expectancy of heating systems is getting longer as technology and maintenance techniques improve. A well-maintained furnace can last 15 to 20 years, and a boiler can last up to 30 years if regularly serviced.

Call (816) 258-2056 to find a heater repair technician near you. We answer calls 24/7, and emergency heater repair is available under certain circumstances.

Signs it's Time to Buy a New Heater

As a heating system ages, expensive repairs and replacements will increase in frequency. When a repair exceeds 50% of the cost of a new system, we recommend upgrading to a modern unit that is more energy-efficient and in better condition.

Repairs Get Too Frequent and Too Costly

Over time, repair costs can pile up. We advise tracking the money you spend maintaining an old heater to accurately assess the price of upkeep. Paying for numerous repairs to keep an aged and inefficient system running can be more expensive than you might think.

An Older Unit

If your heating system falls into the 15+ year category, it is wise to proactively shop around for an updated unit. This will save you from stress and frustration, health and fire hazards, and the costs of yearly repairs and pricey emergencies. Fixing old units with obsolete replacement parts can be a particularly costly hassle. Get an energy-efficient unit sooner than later!

High Energy Costs

If your heating system leaks, overheats, short cycles, or performs at subpar levels, monthly utility bills can quickly get ugly. Fortunately, our preventative maintenance program can help. Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning is staffed with knowledgeable HVAC specialists who can clean, repair, and upgrade your unit to optimize efficiency.

Other Heating Services

We service alternative heating systems, such as geothermal heating units and heat pumps. Geothermal heating solutions have many perks. Sure, they can be costly upfront. But over time, they can save energy and money. They are also eco-friendly, enjoy long life spans by operating indoors, operate quietly, and work during power outages. Heat pumps are a great alternative as well. Centralized and easy to install, they can help with heating especially cold rooms and old properties that lack ductwork.

Heater Replacement & Installation

It is always wise to replace a heater before total system failure. You can avoid being left in the cold by paying attention to key performance issues and signs of decline. We can handle all stages of heater installation, and even retrofit your ductwork. Our technicians follow manufacturer specifications and work with great attention to detail to ensure everything works perfectly.

Heater Maintenance

No one wants to recirculate dirty air, breathe carbon monoxide, or waste energy. By checking your entire heating system, we can ensure your health and home are safe.

A well-maintained heater has many upsides. Routine service visits will increase your heating unit’s:

Why Choose Shanks Heating & Air for Heating Services?

Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the most trusted HVAC companies in the country for many reasons. Our loyal customers appreciate our focus on:

Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians

We proudly stand behind the quality of work we deliver. Each Shanks employee loyally adheres to a strict code of ethics that emphasizes courteousness, treating customers respectfully, and providing straightforward advice and upfront prices. Fully certified, vetted with background checks, and constantly enrolled in continuing HVAC education courses, our team is ready to take on any challenge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Steps to Troubleshoot Common Heating Problems Before Calling for Repair

Heating problems result from a wide range of issues. Some are complicated, while others are easy to detect and simple to fix.
The next time your heating system starts acting funny, these helpful tips may offer fast solutions:
  1. Clean/replace the air filter
  2. Check your thermostat’s batteries and connectivity
  3. Inspect your heater’s condenser for debris
  4. Check the pilot light and burners
  5. Double-check all vents and registers
  6. Check for blown fuses or tripped breakers
  7. Fasten the access panel
  8. Contact a qualified Shanks Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist

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On standby 24-hours a day, every day of the year, our emergency HVAC team is ready to solve even the most complex issue when you need service most. Once an HVAC appointment is made, you can be confident our team will show up on time. 

For heating repair services in your area, call (816) 258-2056 or contact us online to request an appointment today!