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If your furnace quits and it’s really cold outside, just being cold may not be your only concern. You may not realize but you are not the only thing inside your home that requires heat. Sure, you can go to a family members or friends house but your water pipes inside the walls can’t leave! They require heat as well. If the temperature inside your home gets too low your waterlines could freeze and bust. This could be a very costly problem on top of a furnace repair. We understand emergencies happen at all hours of the day and night – that is why we are here for you. We have a team of experts available and ready for those unexpected emergencies. Give us a call so we can help!

Furnace Need Repaired?

The furnace inside your home is a complicated piece of machinery and requires the attention of an expert if it goes down. Sometimes it could be just a simple part that is causing problems. Usually a simple fix to one of the parts could be the answer. Allow us to come and inspect the problem and diagnose the issue for you. Some issues that you may face in the winter when you start your :

Why Did My Furnace Quit Working?

There are many components that are involved in a furnace for it to operate properly. There are sensors and bearings, motors, fans and other parts that are required to work together for your furnace to work If one of these parts gives you a problem it could mean an entire system breakdown. We know many of the issues surrounding a malfunction and can quickly get your system back up and running. Many times we have the required parts in our warehouse or on one of our trucks to get you back up and running smoothly. If you experience a breakdown don’t worry – we got you covered, Call us Today for Emergency Assistance

Should I call for a Professional to come check out my furnace?

We understand that it can be challanging to make a call to a company to have your furnace repaired. Many thoughts could be racing through your mind and most of them probably have to do with how can I afford this. We understand your struggles and want to help put you at ease. Our experts are highly trained and are ready to make the repairs that you need. Please don’t try to fix the issue on your own. Let one of our experts handle the problem for you.

Issues that may occur that signal your furnace needs help

Below are a Range of Concerns We Encounter Every Winter Season:

Different kinds of smells coming from your furnace

A smell of gas can be normal, especially from the first time you fire the furnace up for the year, but most odors should reduce or become non-existant over a short period of time. It there is a strong smell of gas or any unusual odors that don’t fade away, you could have a gas leak. This can be dangerous and you should immediatly call one of our professionals for Help. Please call (816) 258-2056 and one of our top professionals will come check it out and see what is causing the problem.

If your home is cold or won’t warm up properly

Sometimes when you try and heat your home it just won’t stay warm. This could be that your hot air is escaping out of your homes ductwork or out of the attic. An inefficient or poorly insulated home can cause high heating bills and comfort issues inside. We can help! Give us a call and we will evaluate your homes efficiency. This is a very common problems that we tackle on a daily basis – call us now at Shanks Heating and Cooling for immediate Assistance.

Furnace won’t start

If your furnace won’t turn on there are some problems somewhere. If it has any trouble epair/ kicking on you could have a damaged thermostat or wires that have been disconnected – Let us look into this for you!

Miscolored Pilot Light

A correctly colored pilot light should be a blueish color. If your pilot light is yellow, you could have a problem with ventilation. A yellow flame also shows that the gas has an imbalance and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide are not burning off as it should. This type of problem needs professional help immediately. Call Shanks Heating and Cooling and one of our Experts will be right over to help take care of this problem – 816-258-2056.

Poor Heating Performance

Maybe the best sign that your furnace is in need of some TLC is that it is not producing enough hot air. If you have the thermostat on high and the air is cold there is definitely something going on that needs attention. Our team of experts can use a camera to check out your ductwork for leaks and look for furnace problems. We have state of the art equipment and highly skilled technicians to help you with getting the most out of your furnace. Give a chance to help you – Call Today!

Call our Furnace repairmen for assistance at 816-258-2056 - No Job is Too Small for Us!

Constant noises

If you hear noises from your furnace constantly, it could be a sign of a major issue. We are trained to inspect and diagnose furnace problems – so there are not too many sounds that we haven’t encountered when it comes to your furnace.
Our Professionals are trained to quickly understand what those noises are and get them repaired right away. So if your problem is a broken motor, or a loose belt our team of technicians are on it. They know what to do and will get your problem fixed whatever the issue may be.

Air Quality Issues

HVAC Systems can have a huge impact on air quality. The blower wheel on your Furnace and A/C generates on average 1.4 million cubic feet of air on a daily basis – Yes I said daily! A dirty blower wheel can reduce efficiency and cause filth to build up on your A-Coil causing damage to your unit. Uncleaned air ducts, can cause all types of problems for your furnace. Many issues for your HVAC System and problems it faces are caused by dirt. Not only problems for your furnace but for the air your family breathes. Allergens, Dust particles, bacteria are all being generated inside your HVAC system usually with little to no resistance. This can cause headaches, asthma and other respiratory problems and allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing, wheezing or a sore throat. We have top notch air quality products that can reduce these symptoms and keep your unit clean moving forward. Also we will be able to clean those impossible to reach air ducts with our duct cleaning systems. Call today (816)258-2056 for help!

Air Filters

A dirty air filter can be bad for your health! If you are using the store bought filters that are recommended to be changed monthly call us today for our specially designed filters that can reduce and nearly eliminate dirt build up on your blower wheel and your A-Coil. Our filters are excellent for cleaning and removing the particles in the whole house. The filter we have is magnetized and attracts particles that were freely flowing through your previous filter. Our Filter System is very powerful and is very cost effective. Call us today to get an air filter that can clean your entire house!

Carbon Monoxide Detector

We believe that every furnace should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. This is a toxic, odorless gas that can come from your furnace. A high build up of this gas can be very dangerous. If there is a leak of this gas the carbon monoxide detector would sound an alarm letting you know that the gas is present in your home. You would immediately need to turn off the furnace and open the doors and windows in your home. This will reduce the gas present inside your home. This is something that you should fixed immediately. Call 816-258-2056 and one of our experts to get help if you need an alarm or your alarm has sounded.

Call (816) 258-2056 for Furnace Repair Repairs - We will Be There to Help!

When is it time to buy a new furnace?

If you have a costly repair coming your way we always say its time to look at a new furnace. Moving forward with a new unit will not only save you headaches and worries about a future breakdown it will save you money on the monthly bill because it will be more efficient. We will always take the time to show you what is in your best interest when it comes to a repair or replacement.

Are repairs becoming a constant issue?

If you have noticed an increase in repairs to your unit and maintaining the old heater is becoming frustrating over the past couple years it may be time to invest in a new system. Sometimes trying to keep an older unit going can be nearly impossible trying to find parts to replace those old worn out ones. A new furnace will have a warranty and will make the upkeep much easier to deal with. Call us today if you are wanting to explore your options – Shanks Heating and Cooling (816)258-2056

An older HVAC system

Like we have mentioned, if your furnace is getting up there in age (past 15 years old) it is a good idea to be proactive and call us today for a furnace check up and replacement bid. This will help ensure that you know what you have and gives you the options that you need so your not caught off guard by an expensive repair or breakdown. This will also help give you that piece of mind that we are here for you and that you can know that we are just a call away for you in the event of a breakdown.

Increasing Utility Bills

If your heating system is costing you every month with constant repairs, poor efficiency, and terrible performance – don’t let this go on unchecked. We have affordable solutions for you and your family. Let one of our team members come over and give you a free quote on replacing that old worn out system.

Furnace Install and Furnace Replacement

When you call us for a free no-cost evaluation of your current HVAC system. We will analyze your home, the size of the unit needed to properly heat and cool your home and show you all the options that will properly equip your home for the best situation for you and your family. We have many different systems that we sell that can work with all different budgets. Our professionals are highly skilled and can work with all different types and sizes of ductwork, to make sure your new furnace not only fits but is compatible with your existing situation. We have all types of heaters available from heat pumps to geothermal solutions for you and your family.

Do it yourself – vs – Professional installation

If you are considering a furnace replacement, we highly recommend using a professional with top notch training and experience. There are a lot of moving pieces that all need to come together when installing a furnace. You are dealing with electricity and in many cases gas. If installed incorrectly you could place you and your loved ones in danger – dealing with gas is serious business. We have seen where a homeowner tries to cut corners and hires an amateur to do the work only to call us to finish the job. It cost them more than if we would have done the entire job start to finish. You can rest easy knowing that your furnace was installed right and all our workmanship is backed by a 1 year guarantee from the date of installation. Now that is good news! Call us today (816)258-2056 for help!

What are all the cost involved when installing a furnace?

When installing a new furnace the cost will depend on a few different factors. What brand do you prefer? What size of unit does your home require? Which fuel type – electric, natural gas, propane? Is there any ductwork required or any special parts needed to complete the job? Luckily for you we can help you answer all these questions! We will promise to provide a bid that is free from hidden costs and fees. We will take the time and educate you about what is needed. Our bid will be clear and easy to understand

We also have financing options for nearly all HVAC services including installing a new furnace. With approved credit we can help with:

For Furnace repair services in your area, call (816) 258-2056 or request an appointment online today!