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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Replacements & Repairs

Do you need to have your water heater repaired or replaced call Shanks Heating and Cooling. We will be able to make adjustments to a failing water heater or replace it with a brand new one. Whatever you are in need of please give us a call. We will inspect the water heater and provide you with professional advice. This will give you the opportunity to make an educated decision on which way to go – whether a simple repair or a new install – it’s your choice, no pressure. We are expert technicians not a sales team trying to hit numbers. Call Shanks Heating and Cooling Today at 816-258-2056 for any troubles you may be having with your hot water heater.

Signs Your Water Heater is Going Out

There are clear indicators that you can see when your water heater needs replaced
Below are a few warning signs to look for:
If you are having any of the above mentioned problems, call Shanks Heating and Cooling Today at (816)258-2056 and we will diagnose the problem, provide you with a solution, and get you on the way to hot morning showers!

Don't Suffer Through Another Cold Shower. Call Shanks Heating and Cooling immediately for Water Heater Repair and Replacement (816) 258-2056.